We like to showcase some of the sections from our booth, and this is where you can find them! Fun displays, creative countertops, and big showpieces; they’ll all be posted here!

Please note that not every feature listed here will be at every venue we set up at due to space constraints and/or market host restrictions

Little Dog’s Big Bar

You must be 3 or over to patronize Little Dog’s Big Bar!

Come by and sit a while with some of our large, liquor and beer-themed dog cookies! We’ve got Jack Spaniels, Irish Whiskery, the topical Grrrona Extra (with lime wedge), and Pupst for $4 each, as well as Maker’s Bark, Pawtrón, and Johnnie Dog Walker on the top shelf for $5 each. We’ve also got Ruff Beer for our regular cookie price of $2.25, or 3 for $6 (and it can be mixed and matched with other cookies on the deal!)

(please note that there is no alcohol in the cookies, it’s all just fun designs!)

Barrels o’ Treats

Our barrels of small treats as they were when we were at the Awesome Flea Market

We use actual barrels purchased from cooperages in Louisville, Kentucky to display our small treats! These treats range from 4 for a dollar up to a dollar a piece, and include our doggy cheese stix and popular mini peanut butter cookies!