Dog Cookies?

Yes, dog cookies.

We love our animals, and believe that they deserve the best. Even before the Little Dog’s Pawstry Shoppe had made it’s first sale, we were buying fresh baked dog cookies for our boy, Charlie. But what we could find for sale was limited, and we weren’t the only ones with an interest in baked goods for our pets. So we began searching low and high, finding pet bakeries that produced high-quality dog treats, and more than just the ever-popular dog cookies we carry.

What other dog treats do you have?

We’re glad you asked.

Do you enjoy cannoli? How about s’mores, or brownies, or peanut butter cups? While it wouldn’t be safe for your pet to eat your sweets, we have fun pastries made just for them, called pawstries. All natural. All made with pet-safe ingredients. And all given an enthusiastic seal of approval by our own pets.

We also carry cakes to help celebrate special occasions with your pup, like their birthday, or the day you first met or adopted them- or maybe even just that they’ve been extra good lately. Our cakes can be customized with your pet’s name with some advance notice. Be sure to check our cakes page or stop in the store for more info!

Where can I find you all?

We are located in the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass, across from Abercrombie & Fitch and next to Vans. Our store hours can be found at the bottom of the “Find Us!” section on the sidebar of any page of our website. You can also check our schedule to see if we’ll be at an event or market near you soon!

See ya soon!